A Mission to Help SEAL Families

reconnect, build fortitude,

and heal

Naval Special Warfare


The C4 Foundation was created to provide resources and support available nowhere else to active-duty Navy SEALs and their families. Through neuroscience-based programs recognized by Naval Special Warfare, we strengthen relationships and support networks for our nation’s most elite warriors, their immediate families and the broader SEAL community.

The mission of the C4 Foundation and fortitude-building programs at the C4 Ranch is to significantly reduce stress, strengthen family connections and nurture feelings of optimism and gratitude.

Charlie’s Legacy

A love of country, devotion to his family and Navy SEAL brothers, a zest for life: this is the legacy of Charles Humphrey Keating IV, or “C4.” On May 3, 2016, he heroically gave his life in Iraq defending our freedom. We created the C4 Foundation to preserve C4’s spirit of family, friendship and community. Every SEAL family that shares the beauty and meaningful experience of the C4 Ranch honors C4’s legacy.


Strengthening SEAL Families

Our Values


We honor the service and sacrifices of our SEALs and their families by providing them with the tools and resources needed to overcome life’s challenges.

We understand the struggles of the SEAL lifestyle and strive to provide a community of support for the teams and their families.

We bring together donors, sponsors, volunteers, specialists and other organizations dedicated to strengthening Navy SEAL families.

We appreciate every day and find strength in thankfully accepting both the challenges and blessings that every day brings.

We emulate Charlie’s love and compassion every day, keeping SEAL families mindful and healthy through the power of positive thinking.

Our Team

Every dollar

makes a difference

Every Dollar Make a Diffrence

The C4 Foundation fills a desperate need that has been neglected far too long. Many organizations address the needs of veterans. Ours is the first focused on building family fortitude across the SEAL community.

90 Percentage of doantions Fund
Become a Partner what's Possible

Become a partner in what’s possible

The corporations and non-profit organizations that work with us are more than donors, they’re partners in fulfilling our mission to keep SEAL families strong. Our partners get closely involved, giving their resources, time and talent to help build fortitude among our most elite warriors.
Whether you have a special skill set to share, want to become a mentor, or have another creative way to make a difference, rest assured. Your partnership will make a difference, and we thank you for it.


10x Faseter Transition
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why your donation matters

Neuroscience tells us that nature is the heart of healing, accelerating the healthy transition and decompression from combat to home by 10x. We rely solely on donations like yours to fund the C4 Foundation, C4 Ranch and our F.R.O.G. Program (Families building Resilience through Optimism and Gratitude).

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