The C4 Foundation Ranch

Owned and operated by the C4 Foundation, the C4 Ranch is a protected, natural sanctuary that gives Navy SEALs and their families what they need most: a quiet place to strengthen communication, restore family bonds and mend invisible wounds.

FOR SEALs and their families, this IS SACRED GROUND

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Refuge for SEAL Families

You’re riding an ATV with your family, bouncing down a dusty road that seems to lead nowhere. A footpath appears, covered by a brush archway that scrapes your shoulders as you shuffle through. Suddenly, as if nature were a stage and the curtains have just parted, the brush gives way to a pristine vista stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Mojave Desert. In that moment, and with those you love, you reconnect with what matters most. Your family, and yourself.

The C4 Ranch is a sanctuary for NAVY SEALs and their families to detach, live in the moment and heal, with nature as the backdrop and neuroscience as the guide.
NAVY Seals and their families to detach
C4 Ranch includes 560 acres of secluded cabins
Just a 90-minute drive east from San Diego, the C4 Ranch consists of 560 acres of breathtaking vistas, secluded cabins, recreational facilities, livestock, and endless opportunities to build fortitude against challenges large and small, overseas and at home through our C4 F.R.O.G Programs.

Our F.R.O.G. Program

Families building Resilience through Optimism and Gratitude: this is the mission of our nature-based, neuroscience-backed F.R.O.G Program. It includes six categories: empowering SEALs, spouses and their families to decompress and reconnect while at the C4 Ranch.

Our FROG Program

Warrior Reset Program

Whether in the training pipeline, or returning from deployment, warriors focus on rejuvenating both mind and body with this decompression program. The Warrior Reset Program gives SEALs access to experts in behavioral neuroscience, recovery methods, and comprehensive physiological strategies to ensure they can return to their families as the best version of themselves.

Spouse Reset Program

The Spouse Reset Program, similar to the Warrior Reset Program, equips SEAL/SWCC spouses with tools to manage stress. This program includes access to specialists in behavioral neuroscience, recovery techniques, and holistic wellness in the tranquil C4 Ranch setting. Empowering and supporting spouses of Naval Special Warfare to build resilience and strength as their partners undergo demanding training and deployments.

Family Retreat Program

Family bonds grow stronger during these long weekends, when families reconnect to create lasting memories in a beautiful, stress-free environment. The activities, and impact, are limitless.

Couples Reset

The C4 Foundation prioritizes the mental and physical well-being of SEAL/SWCC families, recognizing that their resilience is crucial. The Couples Reset Program, a core component of the F.R.O.G. Program, offers carefully curated activities to enhance communication, and connection among SEAL/SWCC couples.

Command Offsite

SEAL Commands come together to get better acquainted and discuss planning. These remote, private and confidential activities are approved by Naval Special Warfare.

Specialty Workshops

At the C4 Foundation we pay close attention to the particular needs of the SEAL/SWCC community, and we are always striving to meet those needs. In addition to our traditional F.R.O.G. Program and set in the wonderful landscape of the C4 Ranch, we offer numerous workshops and specialty programs to our SEAL/SWCC families.


Living in the moment

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"What a weekend. We cannot thank you enough for this decompression experience and for sharing this amazing place with us. Most importantly, thank you for sharing your stories. The stories of Charlie will live on forever. We are honored to be on such hallowed ground."

– Navy SEALs (Warrior Reset Program)

Navy SEALs (Warrior Reset Program)


“Our stay at the C4 Ranch was a magical experience for our family after a very long and difficult deployment. We were able to disconnect from our busy lives and focus on reconnecting with each other.” 

– Navy SEAL Family

Navy SEAL Family


“A huge thank you for having us here for Spouse Reset. We found time to laugh, cry, and relax...all of which are scarce in our busy lives as SEAL spouses, moms, and working women. We will forever cherish the memories and friendships made here.”

– SEAL Spouses (Spouse Reset Program) 

SEAL Spouses (Spouse Reset Program) 


“Thank you so much for this space- for this pause. A beautiful retreat to rest and reset. For the kids to roam, with space to explore and be wild, rest, and reflect. Keep up the good work – our family is forever grateful for the opportunities to slip away and build each other up. Thanks for all you’ve given and continue to do. C4’s spirit is alive and well here -it truly is special.”

– Navy SEAL (Family Retreat Program)

Navy SEAL (Family Retreat Program)