Imagine spending close to 250 days away from your family every year, under the constant pressure of grueling training and extended deployments, then suddenly returning home to family life. The transition is jarring and puts extraordinary stress on SEAL families. To help them reconnect, build fortitude and heal, the C4 Foundation created the F.R.O.G. Program (Families building Resilience through Optimism and Gratitude), a nature-based, neuroscience-backed solution that includes six categories.


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The F.R.O.G. Program is conducted at the C4 Ranch, a private 560-acre sanctuary where SEAL families build fortitude against the stressors of the SEAL operator lifestyle. These decompression programs teach participants to practice mindfulness with optimism and gratitude. Integrating mind and body wellness, the F.R.O.G Program’s functional and rehabilitative exercises include sound therapy, neuromuscular massage, physical therapy, breathing classes, outdoor therapies, nutrition and more.

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These decompression programs provide SEAL families with the tools to alleviate stress, immerse themselves in the healing properties of breathtaking natural surroundings, foster family communication and connection, recover and reset both mentally and physically, and practice the art of mindfulness with optimism and gratitude. The C4 Foundation F.R.O.G. Program promotes complete physiological wellness through functional and rehabilitative exercises and activities.

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The C4 Ranch is here for SEAL families before, during and after deployment. Whether you’re ready to register for the F.R.O.G. Program, or would just like to visit the ranch, this is the place to start.
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Neuroscience tells us that nature is the heart of healing, accelerating the healthy transition and decompression from combat to home by 10x. We rely solely on donations like yours to fund the C4 Foundation, C4 Ranch and our F.R.O.G. Program (Families building Resilience through Optimism and Gratitude).

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