At the C4 Foundation we pay close attention to the particular needs of the SEAL/SWCC community, and we are always striving to meet those needs. In addition to our traditional F.R.O.G. Program, and set in the wonderful landscape of the C4 Ranch, we offer numerous workshops and specialty programs to our SEAL families:

  • NSW Kids Wilderness Survival Weekend
  • C4 Combative Warrior Program featuring world-class MMA fighters and in collaboration with the exceptionally talented Ricky Lundell and his exclusive American Prime NSW Combative Program
  • Be Loved Spiritual Retreats with spiritual counselor Melissa Foley, MS
  • Family Planning Retreats
  • Nutrition and Fitness Workshops
  • Makers Workshops (woodworking, art, mechanical, gardening etc…)
  • Animal Husbandry and Nature Conservancy
  • New workshops are continuously being added

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