SEAL/SWCC families experience a high rate of separation, all while enduring the stressful lifestyle of the Navy Special Operations Community. Aside from seeing their loved ones deploy to the most dangerous parts of the world, SEAL families experience training cycles that require operators to be away for over 250 days a year. This cycle can create anxiety, tension, and a lack of connection in the household leading up to deployment; all are feelings that only fester from the rigors of deployment. Supporting the mental and physical well-being of SEAL families is of paramount importance to the C4 Foundation. The SEAL couple must also be strong to persist through these complicated transitions. This is why the Couples Reset Program is an integral part of the F.R.O.G. Program. The carefully selected activities held at the Couples Reset Program are chosen to strengthen the connection and communication between SEAL couples, so that they leave the C4 Ranch with a renewed sense of closeness. This three-day program includes relationship gratitude roundtable discussions, couples massage, couples yoga and meditation, fostering communication workshops, and the opportunity to walk hand-in-hand in unparalleled scenery all without the pressure of the unceasing NSW schedule.

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