*PLEASE NOTE* You can choose between a  special, one-of-a-kind CKIV Memorial shirt, only made available to the amazing donors like you who joined the “CHUCK HEAVY” movement or the Aloha Warrior shirt.  We will send each donor a separate email at that time with shipping and tracking information and appreciate your patience as we meet the demand. We appreciate your support so much!!!

Subscription holders also have a chance to be  entered in a monthly GIVEAWAY of a C4 MYSTERY SWAG BAG!

The rules to play are

  • Must be a CHUCK HEAVY subscriber
  • Must like the monthly give away post on Instagram @C4Foundation and tag a friend in the comments, every tag counts as an extra entry!
  • Must have a US based mailing address
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Aloha Warrior Background: You may have seen our “Bone Shaka” symbol and wondered about its origins. The logo was originally designed by Ian Urtnowski, founder of URT, for the Aloha Warrior Celebration of Life event to represent Charlie’s skills as a warrior as well as his spirit of Aloha. Charlie was known for his huge, open-mouthed grin as well as his trademark Shaka. Ian was also inspired by the SEAL Teams’ use of the Bone Frog, which represents a Navy SEAL who has been Killed in Action. It’s a sacred symbol that only those who are members of the brotherhood are allowed to wear. Ian created the Bone Shaka as a symbol that could be universally worn by anyone who wanted to feel closer to Charlie. Today, the Bone Shaka brings to life the values that Charlie embodied that are carried on through the C4 Foundations’s mission.

Chuck Heavy Background: When Charlie (aka “Chuck” by his teammates) ordered a beer, he emphasized that he would like a Coors or Bud Heavy because he thought it showed weakness as man to order a light beer. Years later at his memorial in 2016, his close friend and founder of URT, Ian Urtnowski, created a t-shirt in honor of him that has Charlie’s “Rambo” picture with the words “Chuck Heavy” on it. Ironically, the Rambo picture was actually a joke, but it is now an iconic picture that embodied Charlie’s spirited personality.