The Love for Community
Written by Jennifer Cooper, MS Psychology, C4 Foundation’s Director of Programs
In honor of February being the month that celebrates love, I would like to discuss one type of love that doesn’t get enough attention: the love for one’s community. We talk a lot about romantic love, love of family, love for our country, and even self-love, which are all integral to a happy and fulfilled life. But I ask you, is love for your partner or spouse enough to complete your human experience? Does love for oneself become stronger when we care for those around us? Can you truly love your country without first loving your community?
The SEAL Operator’s expression of love is demonstrated in their sacrifice, and just as Dr. Glenn Fox mentioned above, our C4 Programs are a “testament for the power of love in the face of difficulty and challenge”. It is because of the love that we have here at the C4 Foundation for our SEAL community that we are driven to care for and strengthen SEALs and their families that sacrifice so much for us. Through our F.R.O.G. Programs we are supporting the physical and mental well-being of the SEAL community and giving them the tools to build resilience, and effectively reconnect and communicate with their families and spouses.
We provide the Warrior Reset Program to help active-duty warriors decompress after a challenging training schedule by targeting the mind and body through gratitude and mindfulness discussion, breath and recovery workshops, yoga, deep tissue massage, guided meditation, and sound nutrition. The Spouses Wellness Retreat gives our Naval Special Warfare spouses a much-needed break from the daily stressors of SEAL family life by providing them with a weekend filled with guided meditation and yoga, massage therapy sessions, guided hikes and nature exploration, nutrition instruction, and mindfulness practices, all with the added benefit of building deeper connections to other spouses in the NSW community. The Family Retreats at the C4 Ranch are reinforcing family connections and improving family communication and bonding by providing extraordinary lodging on a quiet and beautiful landscape equipped with amazing views, wildlife, and an endless number of outdoor activities. For all of us at the C4 Foundation, we feel there is no better way to express our gratitude and love for the SEAL community that we call our own, than to provide much needed weekends of respite to our NSW service members and their families.


Written by Jennifer Cooper, MS Psychology, C4 Foundation’s Director of Programs

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