You wouldn’t think a technical error to the tune of over 200 emails would’ve brought the C4 Foundation and together – but somehow it did!
The bombardment of C4 Foundation’s order confirmation emails (Sorry, Mr. Charlie), kicked off a conversation about a new endeavor the C4 Foundation had in mind. When we heard about it, we jumped at the chance to pitch in!
Donating the necessary supplies,’s team flew out to the C4 Ranch, to lend a hand in the installation of the Haas Revo Cable System on the Ranch’s newest decks that will support new safari tent accommodations.
These newly constructed decks have become foundations for 16 new large safari tents, enough to house an entire platoon of active duty Navy SEALs and their families. is proud to support the C4 Foundation and will continue to be a partner as the C4 Ranch develops over the years.
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