Dr. Glenn Fox is the Head of Program Design, Strategy, and Outreach at the USC Performance Science Institute. A neuroscientist by training, he began at USC working as a research assistant in the Brain and Creativity Institute, after which he went on to earn his PhD in the Neuroscience Graduate Program and complete a post-doctoral fellowship with Professors Hanna and Antonio Damasio. Glenn is at the forefront of research on gratitude and human performance. His work is among the first to use functional brain imaging to reveal how gratitude works in the brain. The research has won awards from the Greater Good Science Center, the Oskar Schindler Humanities Foundation and the Shoah Foundation Institute. In addition, he has published research on the brain bases of empathy and brain development in adolescents.
We are thrilled to have Glenn on our Scientific Advisory Board helping us incorporate gratitude as one of the pillars in our F.R.O.G. Programs!
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