Hey Everyone! We wanted to share good news about the C4 mission to Strengthen and Preserve SEAL Families: It’s working!!
Our F.R.O.G. (Families Re-energized through Optimism and Gratitude) Program is built on modern research on health, well-being, and resiliency to translate science into life enhancing skills for families to practice in their daily lives. After 18 months of hard work implementing the F.R.O.G. Programs, we’re now seeing great results. When COVID hit, we knew our mission was as critical as ever, so we designed COVID safety protocols and hosted approximately 500 people at the ranch so far this year (turns out 560 acres is plenty of room for social distancing!). We hosted online programs on family gratitude, completed a number of gratitude workshops, hosted Team leadership and off-sites in addition to rolling out a self-guided program for family visitors. We asked each family member to complete a confidential testimony that documents their feedback before and after their visit to measure our impact and determine what is working, and what is not working with our programs.
Our Results Show Great Impact!
  • Ratings of 9.8 out of 10 reporting that their visit was meaningful, and 9.7 out of 10 showed that the ranch visit helped them feel connected to their family
  • Significant decrease in relationship stress
  • Improvements in gratitude, optimism, and family connection 
Tracking metrics are essential to help us stay on point to deliver our mission of Strengthening and Preserving NSW families. Like the NSW families we serve, we’re always learning, growing, evolving and finding innovative ways to improve. The tremendous feedback from the NSW Commands and Warrior Support has been nothing short of amazing – THANK YOU! The C4 Ranch and our F.R.O.G. Programs are providing a crucial unmet need to our Naval Special Warfare Operators and SEAL families, and we want to thank you, our supporters, for all that you have made possible. We’re happy to have you on our team and grateful to share the continuing impact you make as part of our bigger family at the C4 Foundation.
The C4 Team
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