Jennifer Cooper holds a Master of Science in Psychology and has twenty-four years of experience developing and implementing programs in the fields of counseling, education, and health. Jennifer has been married to an active duty SEAL for over twenty years and considers this a great benefit in understanding the needs of the Naval Special Warfare Community.
After receiving her master’s degree, Jennifer worked as an assessment counselor in the Bay City School District providing support and guidance for students with special needs. When her husband was transferred back to Coronado, Jennifer incorporated her love of fitness and nutrition with her skill as a counselor and started Personalized Fitness. She has designed motivational workout regimens and nutrition programs for everyone from professional athletes and active duty SEALs to novice fitness enthusiasts. Personalized Fitness was transported out to Kodiak, Alaska when Jennifer’s husband took a job at the training command on the island. While in Kodiak, she quickly recognized that the local school system could benefit from an updated fitness and nutrition program. Jennifer received a grant from the State of Alaska to develop programs for Kodiak Island Schools instructing students and staff in recommended fitness and health guidelines. When her husband was once again transferred back to a duty station in Coronado, Jennifer continued her work in health and fitness programming and also worked part time in San Diego area schools as a substitute teacher.
Two years ago, Jennifer joined the C4 Foundation as a board member where she has been assisting Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Glenn Fox, in the execution and implementation of his neuroscience-based programs, F.R.O.G. at the C4 Ranch.
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