Body Glove gifted us a unique bell called the “Gratitude Bell”. This bell was created from a decommissioned scuba oxygen tank that was repurposed into a bell. The spirit behind the bell is when you ring the Gratitude Bell, you are acknowledging a loved one that has passed.
Body Glove has been a big supporter of ours for the last 4 years, and wanted to create a new tradition at the C4 Ranch. When someone rings the bell, the sound represents saying hello to C4 and all of the other fallen SEALs.
The “Gratitude Bell” was inspired by the C4 Foundation and With Your Shield SEAL transitions program. Body Glove President, Peter Maule presented the bell to us in September at the C4 Ranch. A big thank you to Body Glove’s Peter Maule and Billy Meistrell for this thoughtful gift that now hangs prominently at the front door of the C4 Ranch.
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