Bravo 16 Podcast is a veteran focused podcast discussing the journey from military to civilian life. Hosted by one of our C4 Foundation Board of Directors, Brent Brockermeyer and former Frogman Greg Sisa aka Bravo 16.
Listen to episode 007 and hear Brooke Keating and Bravo 16 himself, former frogman Greg Sisa. Brooke is the widow of Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV who perished in combat on May 3, 2016, and was awarded the Navy Cross posthumously for his bravery. She discusses her journey as a Gold Star Family member, and through tragedy was born the C4 Foundation which has helped thousands of SEALs and their families at the C4 Ranch and specialized F.R.O.G. programs. Brooke also shares about her new ventures, including a podcast with Tara Crenshaw, and her bright future ahead. Emotional but amazing, enjoy the podcast with Brooke Keating!
Bravo 16 Podcast By Brent Brockermeyer & Greg Sisa
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