It’s finally here, and we made it! Welcome to The New Year! I don’t believe that anyone would dispute that the past 12 months have been very challenging for our country and the world. The events of 2020 have impacted our health, our economy, our relationships, and our well-being.  Quarantine, separation, and loss have become something that we all have grown accustomed to.  

These feelings of isolation are nothing new to our SEAL families, because on top of those incredible stressors listed above, our spouses are still being deployed. When a loved one is deployed over the holidays, as SEAL operators are more often than not, you learn to adapt and find joy in the little things. SEAL spouses become uncommonly good at persevering through the separation and loneliness. Spouses find solace in each other and in the support of the SEAL Community. The C4 Foundation has become an important part of that support. The C4 Foundation plays a pivotal role in strengthening the family and providing a space for spouses to feel connected.  

I have felt this first-hand on my visits to the C4 Ranch. My family leaves the Ranch stronger and more prepared to face the pressures of military life. The C4 Foundation has created a place at the C4 Ranch that reinforces the SEAL Family. As we look forward to 2021, outside support and donations are pivotal in helping the C4 Foundation continue their work. Every SEAL family that visits the C4 Ranch and takes part in the C4 Foundation Programs thanks you in advance for your support!

Written by: SEAL Spouse of 22 Years and C4 Ranch Program participant

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