Gratitude and Wellness Workshop At The C4 Ranch
Written by Jennifer Cooper, MS Psychology, C4 Foundation’s Director of Programs
The C4 Foundation hosted an extremely successful spouses “Gratitude and Wellness Workshop” this weekend at the C4 Ranch, and I have to say that I am in awe of our SEAL spouses. SEALs of course are well known for being tough, but SEAL spouses are also a resilient group of women. In many ways this resiliency can backfire because the stressors of deployment, single parenting, loss, and even loneliness go unnoticed or unaddressed amongst the other stressors of daily life. This is why the C4 Ranch and our amazing F.R.O.G. program are so unique. The Ranch provides a retreat and much needed respite to these spouses, and their families – not to mention the unencumbered opportunity that the C4 ranch provides for SEALs to return to their families and reconnect.
The Ranch is a beautiful property, but it is so much more than just that. It is a safe place for SEALs and their families to go and take part in a program to help them to reflect, recharge, and decompress. I know that if you had the opportunity to ask any active-duty SEAL about their family life, most of them would say that it is a lot easier to go out and do the job that they need to do if their relationship with their spouse is solid, and their family is secure and thriving at home. On behalf of the ladies that joined us, we were honored to have you, and thank you for candid and emotional testimonies. We are already looking forward to your next visit to the C4 Ranch.
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