Blonde girl taking selfie with mom and grandma
Navy SEAL Spouse & Mother

We loved being apart of the C4 Foundation in order to support the SEAL community. We haven’t had a connection like this before. I love that the ranch provides a quiet place for the whole family to reconnect without having to be with other people outside of the community. I also loved that we didn’t have to explain why we were there. When we arrived, our daughter went to the animals and then the painting area, while my youngest son preferred to play with the other kids. My husband and I had a great hike with our other son and could only hear our own footsteps. I see it as a place for kids to be able to be kids without too many adults telling them what to do. A place to decompress. A place for ALL to be a kids again. Because don’t we all just want to have fun?! It’s so peaceful at the Ranch, which is not typical of our surroundings in San Diego.

Navy SEAL Family

Our weekend at the C4 Ranch was incredible. Matthew caught his first fish, Lily her second. We christened the new fire pit up by the fire truck and had s’mores under the stars. We shared stories and made memories – ones that will last a lifetime. We laughed, we cried, then laughed again over stories about Charlie… Thank you C4 Ranch for graciously opening up your home and providing us a space, a safe space, post deployment to unwind, reconnect and create memories as a family.

Brendan and Beau

What you have done, endured, and created has personally touched me. I cannot fathom the depths of your loss, but I do feel the love you offer through the C4 Foundation and the C4 Ranch. The contrast of your loss and love is remarkably beautiful and embodies altruism. My son Beau and I had an incredible time this past weekend with Nick, Moira, Emme, and Becker. The ranch is a very special place and the kids made it that much more special. If I can help your cause or efforts in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask. Beau and I appreciate you and your family. Hope to see you at the Ranch again soon!

Scott & Carol Bender

Thank you so much for the weekend you gave us at the ranch. Just thinking back on it makes us smile. From the sunshine sparkling through the trees and valleys, the acres of space to breathe and think, and the funny, freedom expressed by the big-horned cows, horses, goats, pig, chickens, and of course the donkeys and the alpacas…it was all amazing. The log cabin was magnificent, and we enjoyed riding around in the breeze on the ATV. Thanks so much for your hospitality, and for the peace that filled our hearts through time shared together, without internet or TV, as friends and family during the weekend. It was a breath of fresh air, especially during this unique covid time.

The Garretts

We had such a great time at the C4 ranch! Tim and C3 were great hosts the first night and we had a good time catching up and telling stories while grilling. We also got to watch the best sunset we’ve seen in years at Orlando’s point. The next day we took the boys (14yo and 12yo) fishing in the two fishing ponds and caught a ton of fish- including a 6lb bass in the deep water pond. Tim showed us all of the good spots the day before and got us setup with the rods and gear. Spent the rest of the day exploring around in the ATVs and letting the boys get up close to with the watusis and horses. That night we grilled again and sat around the fire pit doing s’mores with the boys. Our final morning we got up early to get eggs from the chicken coup for breakfast and then hit the road back to San Diego. The visit was such a good time! Very relaxing and felt like we had the whole place to ourselves as a family. Lots of good memories made and the boys are already asking to go back! Thanks to the C4 Foundation, C3, Tim, Nick, Brooke, and Rowlynda for hosting us! The ranch and main house are a wonderful tribute to Chuck – very glad to know that future generations of NSW will get to experience this place and honor his legacy.

This deployment was especially hard since it was in the middle of… well, 2020! Amidst all of that, though, the ranch was a much-needed getaway. Gorgeous scenery and amazing experiences made it something to look forward to, and something to remember for a long, long time. It gave my family, and especially my mom, downtime take a breath and relax for two days, not feeling the burden of deployment. I’m forever grateful for our time spent at the ranch and for the C4 Foundation.
Navy SEAL Family
There has never been a place like the C4 Ranch for SEALs and their families. My husband has been an active duty SEAL for over 27 years, and in that time there has never been a welcoming retreat that families can escape to, unwind, and reconnect. Our visit to the C4 Ranch with our two children helped us to do all of these things for the first time in a long while. Our life is always full of schedules and travel, often we have to plan out time to be together when my husband is going to be home. At the C4 Ranch we can take advantage of this precious time without interruption. When we pack up to leave the ranch we are always a little sad- and looking forward to the next visit!