Strengthening Navy Seal Families


They're here for us. Let's be there for them.

The focus on support for the mental and physical well-being of SEAL families is of paramount importance to the C4 Foundation. Inspired by nature, our neuroscience-based F.R.O.G. Program is the first of its kind recognized by Naval Special Warfare.

Built by Seal Families for Seal Families

Dedicated to providing SEAL families the tools to help manage the unique stressors of a Special Operations lifestyle between combat and home.

The C4 Foundation was founded by the family of Charles Humphrey Keating IV (C4), a Navy SEAL who heroically gave his life defending our freedom. We are here to preserve C4's spirit of family, friendship and community.


Sacred ground for the Seal community

The C4 Ranch provides a protected natural sanctuary for SEAL families to build resilience, heal, and reconnect.

The C4 Ranch is a first-of-its-kind refuge where SEALs and their families have what they need most—a quiet place to strengthen communication, restore family bonds, and mend invisible wounds.

Even something as simple as silence can be healing.

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