Early Years

Special Warfare Operator Chief Charles Humphrey Keating, IV, intimately known as C4, grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and Coronado, California.  He was the eldest of five children and a star athlete at Arcadia High School in Phoenix, AZ, graduating in the Class of 2004.  He then attended Indiana University for two years, excelling on the cross-country and track and field teams before joining the United States Navy.

Charlie lived a life filled with an adventurous spirit and was kind to all who were lucky enough to meet him, yet fought with expert ferocity when evil presented itself. He was a natural leader who loved his country and truly believed that he was placed on Earth to oppose the wicked in this world.

His unforgettable signature smile greeted everyone.  He was an avid international traveler and did so with undaunted vigor; he lived his life to the fullest, never taking anything for granted. He found goodness in all people and exploited their strengths, a genuine trait that organically drew people close to him.