Top 3 – Fun Facts
  1. They are omnivores. They will eat seeds and insects but also larger prey like small mice and lizards. 
  2. Chickens talk. Chickens communicate with more than 24 vocalizations, each with a distinct meaning, including warning their friends about different types of predators or letting their mothers know whether they’re comfortable. 
  3. Chickens know who’s boss. Just like us, they form social structures, known as “pecking orders”, and all chickens know their place on the ladder.
Where does my money go?
Costs Are Estimated And Fluctuate Seasonally 
  • Cost For One Year For One Chicken = $40.00
  • Cost For Flock For One Month = $100.00
  • Cost For Flock For Three Months = $300.00
  • Cost For Flock For One Year = $1,200.00
  • *Includes Chicken Coop Maintenance  & Livestock Maintenance
  • *Cost For Incubator And Heat Lamps For Baby Chicks Is $500.00


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