Charlie's Story
The Life Story of Charles Keating, IV (34 Min)

Charlie received the Navy Cross for his actions in battle on March 4, 2016, in Iraq. (See citation below).  The Navy Cross is the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps’ second-highest military decoration awarded for members of the Navy who distinguish themselves for extraordinary heroism in combat with an armed enemy force.

Shortly after C4 was killed in the town of Telskuf, Iraq, an Iraqi priest, Father Rem, dedicated a church bell that was sent to his parish from a sister parish (Order of St. Lazaurus) from the United States. In his dedication, Father Rem said,

“The American soldier, Navy SEAL Charles Keating, died right here in this town, on this border where we are standing. Here on this border, his blood was mixed with the blood of the young soldiers from this town, who defended the freedom of this town. In Charlie’s name, this bell will be placed in the tower of this church behind me. I am praying for his soul. This bell from now on will be called the Charles Keating Bell of Freedom.”

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