Be It Resolved
By Dr. Glenn Fox, C4 Foundation Chief Science Officer
Resolve is a great word. According to the word’s origin, resolve comes from the Latin word resolvere, to “loosen, unyoke, undo, explain, relax, set free, make void, and dispel.” In modern times, resolve can mean to find a solution to a problem, make a decision on a matter, and to show determination and grit.
Finding resolve is different than creating resolutions. Every new year (particularly for 2021 as we leave a historically difficult 2020 behind us), many people make New Year’s Resolutions as a way to set goals or change old habits. Resolutions are often hollow and self-critical in ways that will not lead to meaningful change. Resolve, however, is what motivates us to breathe deeply, focus on the present, and make meaning out of what is around us.
So this year, rather than setting out to “lose those quarantine pounds” or whatever typical resolutions we may want to set, let’s instead focus on our resolve. Let’s look deeply at the tools we have right now to share purpose, let go of past injuries and quarrels, and savor the good stuff that happens every day at the deepest levels of our personal story.
Take a tip from our C4 FROG program, which is designed to build resolve for SEAL teams, and their families. Take every moment as a moment to connect, share big fantastic ideas with your family that you’re looking forward to, breathe deep as you cook a meal, and most of all be grateful that a new year and a fresh start gives us the opportunity to take stock in what matters and have a bit of fun wherever we can.
We look forward to a very big 2021 at the C4 Foundation, it will be a year of connection for SEAL families, and a time for growth, healing, and prosperity in our magnificent country. Be it resolved.
Cheers to you all.
Glenn R. Fox, PhD

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